I used to go to school.

Lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.


Let's try it one more time.

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I'm Ricardo.


They drove the car by turns.


Whoever wants to marry her must first convince her father.

The proposed methodology is applied to three case studies in simulation.

Auditions will be held next Monday.

Do you want to talk about what happened today?

Where does he live in Germany?

I've only seen him twice.

Let's see you do better than that.

Stephen knows exactly what Andrea means.

Alain has probably forgotten what Brandi looks like.

I guess Aimee didn't like it.

You're playing a great game.

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There are clouds in the sky.

He will make you eat dirt.

Kory thought that Lenny wouldn't see him.

He lived alone in the countryside.

It won't be long before Win comes back.

My father died in Boston in 2013.

Frankly speaking, I don't like the idea.

Don't be a baby!

Are you saying that I killed Murph?

She had escaped detection somehow.

I've never had problems before.

Lets play video games or something.

I'm getting a cat.

I didn't want to go to Pedro and Jakob's wedding.

My heart broke at the sight of the dying birds.

I learn German in order to have more opportunities in the profession.

The car is moving fast.


Though this knave came something saucily into the world before he was sent for, yet was his mother fair; there was good sport at his making, and the whoreson must be acknowledged.

Tandy is mopping the floor.

Manuel's hyperventilating.

Make sure all the boxes are well sealed before they're delivered.

They're in separate rooms.

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Can I get back to work?

Is eating people wrong?

The young Russian geologist hammered off a piece of the stone and minutely examined it. "Basalt!" - he cried rapturously, passing a fragment of the rock to his German colleague.

She telephoned her best friend to vent her frustration.

I haven't seen you in like a year.

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She grew up to be a great violinist.

Only a few people here know that Donna is from Boston.

It looks like the world didn't end on December 21st after all.

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He sprang a new request on us.

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I think my leg is broken.

His illness resulted from eating too much.

He came all the way from Chicago.


We're just hoping for some luck.


We just talked.

This girl changed her look.

Do you go by train or by car?

The train will have started by the time he arrives.

He keeps two cats.

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Don't I get a goodbye kiss?

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I thought Art would be returning to Boston.

We'll meet her there.

How's Lanzarote?

I thought we were supposed to meet Ronald at 2:30.

Jason bolted the door.

Sea turtles are magnificent creatures.

I can't afford eating in such an expensive restaurant.

We've been fortunate.

Could you please tell me again when the meeting is supposed to start?


Greg's parents were married in Boston.

It's not the volts that kill you it's the amps.

Some people might think so.

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We must work hard to promote world peace.

Tango lives with a small boy in a little village.

The Ku Klux Klan of American philosophy wove a vast criminal conspiracy to corrupt the American nation.

All compounded things are subject to decay.

Finally we arrived at the lake.


What we have here is a failure to communicate!

Uri pushed Catherine off the cliff.

Make a final copy of the letter.

In most cases, his answers are right.

Did you like the book?

It's a pity Evan can't come to your party.

I'll see her tonight.

In hard times, in sorrowful times, let's try doing something for other people.

Life is expensive.

You transfer at Ikebukuro Station.

The balloon floated down the street.

I just hope Tai doesn't win.

They call me lairy Pierette.

Dreams always come out differently.

Carter was here for three years.

It was you that made the mistake!

What seems easy at first often turns out to be difficult.

Edward scared the children.

Furnishing a new apartment imposes large expenses.

The man wore a mask of a tiger.

Holly did the exact same thing Lynne did.

Sherman gave Beckie a cold look.

Secret police moved among the crowd during the demonstration.

The came with kit and caboodle.

The rice crop is already in.

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I wanted to kill her.


What do you think went wrong?

Unlike "then", "than" is not related to time. "Than" is used in comparative statements.

The new equipment enabled us to finish the work in an hour.

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Someone's coming.

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Please, don't forget to close the door of the meeting room.


We'll probably beat Aimee there.

He has been waiting here some time.

Is Roman in charge?

Can you explain how this machine works?

Thanks for your support!

I did that which she asked me to do.

I didn't know Merton had a brother.

Within minutes after the take-off, the airplane was in trouble.

The reason he was absent was that he had a severe headache.

Everything looked beautiful, in the freshness of early spring.

Will you have a talk with Juergen?

Are you going to ask her or not?

He became very ill.

I have the same opinion.

It'll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather.

Maureen picked up but didn't talk.

Clayton told me that he was planning to quit his job.

Mysore is Skef's ex-husband.

Nanda resigned this week.

Saul made Sjouke forget her old lover.

We must balance our budget.

Can you get this trash out of here?

Dan said the blessings then began to eat.

She was advised by him to come back at once.

Philippe is quite right.

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My older brother had a position in a large company.

You're jumping to conclusions.

I chopped the onions and put them in a casserole with butter and oil.

It isn't complicated at all.

Please don't make noise.

Lately I see a lot of parents getting divorced. I wonder if the idea of kids being a bond between their parents is just a thing of the past.

What movies just opened?


The doctors inquired into the mystery of nature.

What's Butler up to in Boston?

Tell her she should present her immediate resignation.

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You're very original.


I wish tomorrow would never come.


At new moon, the Moon is lined up between the Earth and the Sun. We see the side of the Moon that is not being lit by the Sun. In other words, we see no Moon at all, because the brightness of the Sun outshines the dim Moon!

Our friends were evacuated from their farm because of the bushfires in their area.

You need someone to help you, don't you?

If I could be like that...

We're ambidextrous.

You made it.

All economic problems would be solved, if they made complacency taxable.


Do you want Willie to know about it?

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Let me alone!

Ken, is that really you?

I want to go with a friend to Hokkaido next month.


Judge liked swimming when he was a kid.

You've probably heard of us.

After I graduated from college, I spent two years traveling around the world.


They want to go home.

I thought I told you to play outside.

Let's get started, OK?

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Great was her joy when her son returned back safely.

Randal says it's hot.

I'd like to visit Boston again.


Why is he angry about something like that?

It moved me to tears.

Rajiv spent all day on the beach.

Their small protest triggered a mass demonstration.

Keep them.