He worked far into the night.

We can't find them anywhere.

This house is so much bigger than the other.

Looking at your Facebook friends' photos is a waste of time.

Emily is studying Turkish, because she and her parents will go to Turkey on vacation.

At last the boat came alongside the ship, and now the queen saw that it was a stone boat, out of which there came up on board the ship a fearfully ugly witch.

Shakil can't decide what to buy.


Kirk just saved my life.

You need to fix it right away.

Firemen don't wear inflammable outfits.

What can I get you?

Have you made a decision?

Is this a budget problem?

I can't speak to him.


Let's not talk about money, okay?

Our team fought off all the others.

They were going to kill Suwandi.

I lost my house keys.

Even after all my objections, she rode home.

A lot can happen in three years.

Johnnie alerted the authorities.

It all happened kind of fast.

This is remarkable.


Under the Constitution, the lower chamber's resolutions override those of the upper chamber.

I'll try to contact Lenny by phone, but he's likely to have already left by now.

We're going to try to do that.

My daughter likes Ultraman.

I heard a loud explosion.

I live close to an old bookshop.

Michelle has lost his keys.

Thuan couldn't convince Stacey to accept his money.

I had to get out of Boston.

She forbad me from joining the group.

This cat is as big as that one.

I'm getting farsighted as I get older.

I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.


Did you notice it?

I must tell you something.

The boat drifted about on the sea.

Don't you remember?

They came with kith and kin.


Your biggest enemy is yourself.


This system will work well in nine cases out of ten.

There's something you should see.

We love each other, but we don't have sex anymore.

It's simply beautiful.

Do you have an English menu?


Don't chew with your mouth open.

Edwin has been asking questions about you.

This is the very video I wanted to see.

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Clare is extremely lazy.


Blow out the candles and make a wish!

He gave me an apple.

Ernie ought to spend the summer in Boston.

Watch me chug this beer.

Look at this high mountain!

I am reading his book.

Didn't I just give you a dollar?


Mick needs to get back home.


I won't be silent.

I was told Sharada would be here.

This wasn't here this morning ... looks like somebody's been fly tipping.

Swearing relieves the pain.

I got a good night's sleep.

We have seen the best of our time.

Morgan says he doesn't remember what happened that night.


It's a good idea.

Japanese cars are right hand drive.

What is your planet like?

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This area is as big as a football pitch.

I put on a little weight last year.

The policeman caught me by the wrist.


Would you do the same thing again?

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He doesn't want to leave the room because he's afraid that he'll catch another cold.


Is this common?

Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, triggered the Space Race.

Students should not work if they are going to school.

I have good credit.

I could not help laughing.

I suggest that perhaps we should give Nicolo a second chance.

Ellen likes taking walks at night.

Skip was always fair.

Samuel is relying on us.


Respect yourself and you will be respected.

It was an exciting story and he told it well.

Kinch grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.


Maybe I'll see you in Boston.

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I have to go to my cousin's baptism.

How long have you been living out of a suitcase?

That's not what I'm trying to say.


The two of them have grown apart.

I managed to get a hold of him this afternoon.

How bad is the pain?


It makes perfect sense.

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I love this stuff.


Sam was captured by a group of mercenaries.

None of these eggs are fresh.

I'm taking a shower right now.

You're right, I think.

She had to part with her family when the war began.


Hartmann is always making me laugh.


The treaty obliges us.

They were persecuted.

I want everyone to remain calm.

You need to listen to them.

Markus doesn't know where Brent put her suitcases.

Jinchao solved the problem easily.

Panacea told Floyd that he thought a hippopotamus could run at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.


She acknowledged her mistake.


There has been progress.

Floria is coming to Boston with us.

I think we'd better do that.

I'm surprised Morton doesn't know how to speak French.

Cows abound on that farm.

This should be good!

The house has icicles on it.

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He brought us a small gift each time he called on us.


Many characters are nuns.


I need the book! Where is it?


She has done it before.


Sear on each side over medium heat for 4 - 5 minutes.

This will cost about 10 thousand yen.

I know who you all are.


There was a traffic accident in front of the house yesterday.


The next meeting will be on the tenth of June.

There's nothing better than a delicious meal.

I'll go in a minute.

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She'll be apples.


The less I study, the greater my chance of failure.

Maybe you did it wrong.

When I first met him, I thought he was putting on airs.

Redheads often have a pale complexion and freckles.

Ann is too old to work.


We must go.

You wouldn't be in trouble now if you hadn't got involved in the first place.

Keep it simple.

I'm playing with my son.

She shouldn't have written that.

We need somebody.

Jared is in a bit of a quandary over whether to tell Ramneek or not.


How many people have you slept with?


He went to the store just as it was going to close.

Can you explain your problem to us?

Hope is when you suddenly run to the kitchen like a mad man to check if the empty chocolate cookie box you just finished an hour ago is magically full again.

Why didn't you come?

Don't flush yet, we've been cut out the water supply.


Who excels in studies can follow an official career.

A big typhoon is coming on.

It was such a lovely day that everybody was feeling happy and cheerful.

The corrupt government officials fled the country.

You don't have a key, do you?

We are candid.

The cat ruined my sofa.

Private lessons are also available.

I was right behind them.

I'm not sure I want to give this to Clyde.

Sandeep poured himself a cup of coffee.

Mitchell was looking around for something.

She will visit her mother next Tuesday.