I'll let him know you called.

Nobody had seen such a beautiful painting.


I wasn't watching.


Ro owes Ethan thirty dollars.

You knelt down, begging God for forgiveness.

Rayan found the missing money.


Have they found her yet?

I ran into a friend while walking in Ginza.

Tent hospitals are being erected three kilometers from the scene.

I am totally confused.

Let's give it a go.

He is a man of quick decisions.

What are you doing, darling?

After I got on board a train, I found I had left my wallet behind at home.

George will come for sure.

If I told you, you wouldn't understand.

This might not have anything to do with the problem at hand.

Coleen has done nothing wrong.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You're never late.

Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute.


Henry is never where he's supposed to be.

Have I said something wrong?

Let me treat you next time, then.

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He prayed that I might succeed.

Scientists began to find answers to these questions.

They are having breakfast now.


She listened to him.

I won't let you leave.

That is ordinary-looking.


I never had any doubts.


The sending of these letters won't take long.

We'll have to check every one of them, Bjorne.

He learns fast.

A ghost writer is a writer who writes for someone else, and the latter, for practical purposes, is considered the sole author.

Every student has to leave school by six.

Piet can't control himself.

Prakash is quite irresponsible.

Three new stamps were issued last month.

Jos wanted to know why Ahmet didn't like him.

I was dreaming about you.

This is probably the key that Warren is looking for.

Marguerite said he won three hundred dollars.

Is there someone here who speaks French?

Ann has a kind heart.

They're friends.

I don't like that fat kid who ate your lunch.

You can't say no.


She's in the kitchen.

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I met Miek when I was staying in Boston.

You need to leave immediately.

I was taken by surprise.

Dan rented that car from London.

No, no. I mean to say that it has originality.

The teacher corrected the composition that I had prepared.

I have drunk all my milk.

His ambiguous reply made her all the more irritated.

We'll be safe when we get into the hills.


Ms Sato is no lightweight. I just saw her chug three bottles of beer.

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Blayne gave Valerie a quick peck on the cheek.

I tried to get Pamela to ignore Ralf.

Will you shut up?

I only have this briefcase.

I don't like the way you're talking to me.

What did you do with that camera?

Spanish and Portuguese are practically the same.


One of Pam's problems is his short attention span.

Can you remember the time we visited Taurus when he was still a teenager?

Don't get mad at me.


Pamela was promoted to first lieutenant on October 20, 2013.

I care about him.

Graeme is interested in jazz.


Lalita called.

Where did Dominick want to go to college?

I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.

I need to know what I've missed.

I just couldn't say no to him.

I forgot what to do.

My back tooth has chipped.


She has a comfortable income to live on.

Sorry for not answering your question. I didn't see it.

He did me the compliment of listening.

He has no money.

Claudia has a tattoo on his left arm.

You'll get wrinkles.

Rakhal became a taxi driver.

They did not expect the Korean lady to be American.

Vickie is eager to press on.


Look at the book which he put on the desk.




I want to live in a castle.

It is doubtful whether she will come on time.

Man is kind enough when he is not excited by religion.

The theater used to open up early.

Where did they teach you that?

Don't talk in the classroom.

Writers draw on their imagination.

Is there a student discount?

Louie tried to explain to Jarmo how to solve the puzzle.


I couldn't take the chance.

Mr Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.

I've really missed you.

A map is available upon request.

Everyone went there, didn't they?

Why are you questioning me?

Fruits tend to decay soon.

That's the going rate.

Why can't you just be grateful for what you have?

She writes Chinese.

Maybe you could talk to her.

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This is the house where I was born.

I want to meet with Simon.

We have not heard from him since last year.


I've been thinking about what you said.


We'll provide you with anything you need.

Somebody messed up.

Like many other students, Gordon rides a bicycle to school.

Father gave an angry look at me.

A flag is a symbol of the nation.

Dave returned the book that she had borrowed from the library.

I don't want to hurt my son's feelings.

People are stupid.

Glenn demanded more information.

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You do what you can.

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What would you like me to say?

I don't think I need to tell you.

Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure.


Tell me you love me.

Mahesh would tell me.

Let's forget about that.

This hose is junk. It kinks way too easily.

The area the center of which is here was bombed.

It's been done before.

Straka gave Laurence his heart.

I'll be the one helping them, not you.

I couldn't be sure that Theodore would come.

Emil has no intention of doing that.

I'll return in a jiffy.

I spoke with her.

I miss him already.

Nobody likes that guy.

It was only with great difficulty that I managed to stop myself from laughing.

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She's clearly out of practice.

Bryce is wearing a hat.

We played catch to achieve the goal.

I prefer biking.

I will drink the coffee.


It may not be necessary for you to do that, but I think you should.

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Will you please watch your language?


You should tell Marc to be careful.

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Do you want to be a flower girl?


I agreed to help him in his work.

Yesterday, a young missionary was at my front door, but I was not able to dissuade him from his faith.

I can't prove it, you'll have to take my word for it.

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You're popular.


Ben is on the loo.

She loves watching tennis matches on TV.

I'll let you talk to them.

Liz and Damone weren't injured.

You'll never be alone.

There's nothing I can do.

There is an automobile outside.


It doesn't have to be that way.


I'll be your friend.