I am honored to be awarded this prize.

Sanjib knows a boy who can ride a unicycle.

How was the reception?

I thought about telling Vinod, and I should have.

What happened afterwards?

I can't seem to do anything right.

If a man had 11 sheep and all but 9 died, how many sheep would he have left?

That wasn't cool.

There's no need to ask. You know it anyway.

His success is out of question.

He refused to believe that she was guilty.

We're not friends anymore.

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?

I do things at my own pace.


The calendar interests her.


Spencer remained silent.

Shakespeare's plays were written in Elizabethan English.

Anatole stared at his coffee mug.

Rudolph is worried.

You've lost me there, Hamilton.

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Don't make iftar into gluttony!

You're spreading false news.

I don't know how, but I did it.

I think I did well.

I haven't seen something similar my whole life.


He likes not only baseball but football as well.

To tell the truth, this matter does not concern it at all.

Vic competes in ski races.

I had no idea what to say.

I wish I could speak French as fluently as you.

I can't just ignore her.

Some friends can't be replaced.

I have borrowed a table.

He had a lot of straight, silvery hair.


Your battery is running low.

Tatoeba: Where being an orphan doesn't make you exempt in any way.

I was very upset.

What did you buy this expensive dictionary for?

The conference ended yesterday.

It is close to seven o'clock. We have to go to school.

The champion's experience submitted to the young opponent's power.


I'd say Cathy is jealous.

I've been trying to handle this myself.

That happened just last week.

Brandi felt something crawling up his leg.

Will the plan work?

People are still starving.

I've got some information for Kari.

It seems that Italians are prone to suffer from exclusive ailments that have no names in other cultures.

I'm depressed.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.

Why don't you go lie down?

The choice of clothes has become conservative.

There are different rhythms in languages.

Please open the window.

The express train does not stop between Shibuya and Naka-Meguro.


The treaty gave the United States a canal zone.


Don't let me die here.

We should avoid writing sentences that are disrespectful, offensive or hateful.

What's your favorite home-cooked food?

I ran into a deer.

I think Mario is too outspoken.

Her behavior is above praise.

On Saturday night and all day Sunday, my mobile rang incessantly, as a mortified Shadow tried to apologize.

When I grow up, I want to be a fireman.

Do you see that house? It's mine.

Ted should've stayed at home.

I haven't seen Liisa since forever.

We've been friends a long time.

Like an idiot I overtrained my muscles and hurt my triceps.

That was expected.

Charlie took the job that Sangho offered him.

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I am thankful for standing on the tops of mountains.

Here's the list Jean gave me.

What good are those?

Has anyone told William about what happened?

What's that flower?

What Tomas said made sense.

These images are beautiful.


Which is it going to be?

The file is weighing 7 megabytes.

Nothing replaced his love.

I wish the best for you.

It would be good to repair the roof before winter.

I used to think Heinrich was good-looking.

I'll take you home.

The time may come when we will have no war.

How many hotels are there in Paris?

Meg bought a can of tomatoes.

You may use my bicycle such as it is.

The fastest way to heaven is a leap into a deep abyss.

Chew your food well.

Coffee prices have jumped almost 50% in six months.

Bud really doesn't seem interested.

He drove his car, whistling merrily.

She married a rich man.

Besides, it's starting to rain.

Per's been in trouble many times before.

She aspires to becoming a great actress.

Hartmann vacuumed his bedroom.

Your criticism is very unfair.

Miek seems to always be running into people he knows.


Take me to them.

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I'm not going to answer that.

You're alone, aren't you?

Granville is domineering, isn't he?

He won a dramatic success.

I've always respected him.

One day, a black woman, Rosa Parks, was returning home after a hard day's work.

Thank you so much for being here.


Thank you for your warm words.

Lincoln returned to Washington.

Is that what I'm supposed to do?

If I showed you my house, my neighborhood back then, would you understand where I am from?

Do you know how to use these command line tools?


Look, I'm being serious.


I gave up hope.


A guide conducted the visitors round the museum.

Times are extremely tough.

Kaj looks really good to me.


He nodded as much as to say, I agree.

He's a little fat.

Marian has a bad habit of interrupting people while they're talking.

Sundar would've helped you.

Irfan didn't actually do what he said he would do.

The noise is deafening.

Jisheng sent Kristian some money.


Did you help her?

You are what you like.

I don't have room for dessert.

We don't know who did this.

The train was almost an hour behind schedule today.


John was standing alone with his arms folded.

Don't be difficult.

Randal is chewing his fingernails.


You could talk to me.

Kenneth told me he was too sick to work today.

Pandora drinks beer every day.

A stranger came up to you and asked you the time.

He called up his uncle as soon as he got to Matsuyama.

Keith came right over.

Kyu moves quickly.

Members of the jury, regretfully I must declare this proceeding a mistrial.

Kyiv is mother of Ruthenian cities.

You look like you've seen a ghost!

Crossing guards are posted during school hours to guide children safely across busy streets.

She stood in the court before judge and jury.

It was three weeks before she wrote an answer to Prakash.

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Osamu Dazai committed suicide.

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The flower is yours for the asking.

Van ran past them.

What are you worried about?


I am so devastated.

Dieter isn't very optimistic.

The price of coffee has doubled since then.

He had his secretary translate the letter into English.

Grandma went to the market to buy food for the family.

Izumi hanged himself in jail.

We can't function like this.

Don't touch the flowers.

That is without a doubt one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

I'm afraid we've got quite a problem here.

Maybe that was the point.

How far away is the Eiffel Tower?

It's a classic Nigerian booby-trap.


The dominance of English in many countries made people speak their native languages less.

Kerry is a numismatist.

Do you have a nickname?

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Is the mouse dead or alive?

He is a fast speaker.

Daniel should be able to stop this.

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Who says that?

Coaching is my life.

When it was time to vote, he abstained.